of piston rods with hard chrome, Ceraplate or Ultraplate

Hard chrome plating

The base system is the hard chrome plating which is carried out by electroplating in single or multi layers. Piston rods up to 20 m length and diameter up to 1,500 mm are hard chrome plated in deep chrome baths.

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Chrome composite coating

To improve the corrosion protection properties it is possible to combine the hard chrome layer with a second layer underneath the chrome. In this case a separation of the functions of the layers is made, the hard chrome layer functions as a wear and tear protection, the base layer functions as a corrosion barrier.

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Ceraplate coating

In addition to conventional surface protection systems such as hardening, nitriding hard chrome plating and nickel plating, Hunger das developed a coating technology which significantly improves surface protection against chemical attack and mechanical war and tear: Ceraplate.

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Ultraplate coating

The Ultraplate coating was especially developed for the protect the offshore industry to withstand the extremely corrosive saltwater environment. This coating is suitable to protect carbon steel, working in submerged saltwater conditions or in the splash zone.

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