Implementing of hydraulic systems

by experienced engineers

Not only the repair and the exchange of spare parts are scope of our supply, furthermore our experts put cylinders into operation on-site. We support and advice you during assembly and test the functional capability of the construction. We take care of the interaction between the hydraulic cylinders and further components of the arrangement. Our experienced and qualified employees are thereby worldwide operational.

Cylinder reconstruction and modernisation

In this example of a press cylinder the damaged chrome layer of the piston rod was removed and the metaloxid coating Ceraplate was applied. With this measure a much higher corrosion protection and wear resistance was achieved and the original diameter of the piston rod could be rebuild. Additonal the cylinder bores were machined and the cylinder head was reconstructed for modern plastic-compound seal and bearing elements from the Hunger DFE-program.

Different types of cylinders (foreign brands) for the ship lock in the Danube river dam Gabcikovo were reconditioned and constructionally adapted to DIN 19704. Besides the metaloxid coating Ceraplate also the seal and bearing design was reworked, the integrated position measuring system was installed and some pressureoperated parts were renewed.