The Hunger Group's Worldwide Presence

HWS Hunger Hydraulik Weltweit Service GmbH is a subsidiary of the Hunger Group. The Hunger Group is comprised of 12 subsidiaries located in 8 countries. The Hunger Group has over 70 years of design and manufacturing expertise in Engineered Hydraulic Components and combined systems solutions for various heavy duty applications.

The fact that international markets continue to grow together makes it imperative for companies to orientate themselves beyond their national boundaries. A modern industrial company must develop a global 
commitment in order to be able to sell the items it produces in its own country on the world market. In this way it can ensure that services are provided wherever they are required, both quickly and of a uniformly high standard.

The Hunger Group has fulfilled this requirement since 1975 when it took its first step abroad with the foundation of Hunger 
Hydraulics UK in England and Hunger 
Hydraulique in France. Foundation of the American subsidiary followed in 1981. The group is now also represented in China and India and is able to offer the entire range of Hunger products in these markets, thus 
ensuring the group's presence in the most important economic regions of the world.